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Re: [TESTERS needed] New POSIX permission handling

>> >   That means, even if SYSTEM or Administrators have full access to the
>> >   file, the POSIX permssion bits will not reflect that fact.  And while
>> >   other users get access denied based on the mask value, SYSTEM and
>> >   Administrators will never get access denied based on the mask.
>> If you want to put this to better use in larger settings it would seem
>> preferrable if it was possible to define a list of users to treat this
>> way in fstab.
> Nope, sorry, no configuration for this.  Either it's handled without
> any exception, or for SYSTEM only, or for SYSTEM+Admins.  But either
> way, we're doing it the same way on every system.

Damn.  I was about to reply with Achim's exact same thought --- like a
file in /etc with a list of SIDs.  I can empathize with Corinna's veto
though -- having a hundred tweak-able settings in Cygwin is
unmaintainable for the general populous.  I may apply a local patch to
extend this ability myself because Cygwin has become rather unusable
for users with home's on our network drives (given all the programs
that attempt to do sanity checks on group perms).

That said, I appreciate what has been integrated --- it will help in
several scenarios.  I will test the release this weekend.  Thanks for
all the hard work!

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