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Re: Clean up /tmp on system reboot [was: Xorg server always starting up on DISPLAY 3.0]


I'm wondering how cron knows when a machine is rebooted.
What does cron check? Which parameter / file?
Do you know it?

Thanks a lot .

2015-04-10 1:27 GMT+02:00 Mark Geisert <>:
> Andrew DeFaria writes:
>> On 4/9/2015 3:22 PM, Mark Hansen wrote:
>> >> Or use cron...
>> >
>> > How can cron help? You don't want to delete these files while some
>> > process may be
>> > using them (note: I didn't say while the process has the file open - it
>> > may not be
>> > open to be valuable). You really need this clean-up done when the
>> > machine boots up
>> > because you know at that point, all the processes that were using those
>> > files are
>> > gone.
>> Somebody hasn't read man 5 crontab, which states:
>> These special  time  specification  "nicknames"  are  supported,  which
>>         replace the 5 initial time and date fields, and are prefixed by
>> the ' <at> '
>>         character:
>>          <at> reboot    :    Run once, at startup.
> If you're going to involve cron you probably want to make sure service
> dependencies on other Cygwin services are set so they depend on cron.  Just
> so their possible use of files in /tmp comes after /tmp has been cleaned.
> ..mark
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