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Re: Patcher not working on KSP

On Wed, Apr 08, 2015 at 05:49:48PM -0400, morgan fairbanks wrote:
> I have purchased Kerbal Space Program and I had no problem with it
> untill a few days ago. I have proof that I bought it here:
> and I am getting this: and the last bit
> . I only use it on this pc, so I don't know why
> this is happening.

Right, you've bought KSP, and it's hitting a problem with one of the
Cygwin DLLs it's evidently using.  Thing is, we're not KSP developers --
we have no idea how KSP actually uses those DLLs, so there's pretty much
nothing we can do.  You need to contact the support team for KSP or the
retailer you bought it from.

For future reference, it's far preferable to copy out the errors into
the email rather than linking to images somewhere -- links to images can
disappear and are pretty crap for searching, while including the error
text means people can search for problems in future, and don't have to
click through to links to see what's going on.

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