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Re: Should cygwin's setup*.exe be signed using Sign Tool?

David A. Wheeler inquired:
> > Has Cygwin considered signing the installer using Sign Tool? More info:

On Fri, 3 Apr 2015 01:22:15 +0300, Andrey Repin <> wrote:
> Did Microsoft made it available separately? Or is there a description of the
> structure of such a signature and/or a free tool that can be used to generate it?

Microsoft makes signtool available as part of its SDK at no charge (gratis, not libre):

This page points to some alternatives:
They note that Mono includes "signcode", and it's libre (as well gratis).  Instructions here:

> Last I checked, you have to install a metric ton of garbage to get signtool as
> a bonus.

It seems to be a short ton.  The default installs a lot, but you can deselect much.
It's not tiny due to dependencies, but it's not *everything*.

Also, you *only* have to install it on the system that does the signing;
no other system needs it.  It's good to have a separate signing system anyway.

> People who don't check signature manually, won't check the credibility of
> the embedded signature either.
> And it only takes about thirty seconds to fake the lines that are visible in
> prompt dialogue.

Clearly this is limited.  But these signatures are automatically checked by Windows, and
the publisher is displayed for review before acceptance, which raises the bar a little.
The number of people who check the signatures on setup*.exe is probably pretty small;
I'm hoping to raise the safety bar for everyone else.

There's also an appearance factor: running an unsigned app looks scarier
(there's a warning "The publisher could not be verified...", possibly followed by a User Account
warning again noting the 'unknown' publisher).  Having a signature may
make users and their admins more confident that it's okay to use Cygwin.

--- David A. Wheeler

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