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Re: File Permissions - Yet Another Question / Clarification

> He's talking about "Administrators" the SID (group).

Interesting.  Given the built-in Administrators group doesn't often
[directly] play into permissions on remote systems or cross-system
permission models, I'm not sure where he was going with that.
Regardless, I'll consider it water under the bridge.

> In any case, I'd start with a throwaway share (or save the permissions
> with subinacl if I had to use a live one).  Then remove the inherited /
> default DACL from a subdirectory:
> mkdir sub
> setfacl -k sub
> setfacl -b sub
> Then check how this behaves w.r.t. POSIX permissions and file ownership.
> Populate this directory with files and check those, too.  The ~/.ssh
> directory and their content shouldn't have any DACL on them in any case
> if you c want to be sure it works the way sshd is wanting it to.
> Regards,
> Achim.

Thanks for advice -- I will give it a shot and dive in deeper.   I
think I have two problems I'm interesting in understanding more /
resolving: 1) why doesn't Cygwin think my user has permissions to the
files and 2) how can I get SSH to believe the two "admin" groups on my
files are acceptable.  I'm not optimistic I'm going to get SSH to
change it's behavior so I may need to recompile it to avoid the
check.... which is obviously not desirable from a maintainability



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