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Re: OpenSSH 6.8p1-1 and keychain: can't determine fingerprint

I saw the following on and I've been having the same issue with keychain. The fix to the /usr/bin/keychain shell script worked as shown, but I've added information about where the fix belongs (in the script) later in this message. I suggest correcting the indentations for the proposed fix as needed.

After updating to OpenSSH 6.8p1-1, I experienced an issue where, at every login, keychain (in my .bash_profile) wrote a warning:

The warning:
Can't determine fingerprint from the following line, falling back to filename

A post ( [1]) to an Arch Linux forum expressed a similar report, along with a solution, adding a case for SHA256 or MD5: [2].

For clarity, that's:
* SHA256:[0-9a-zA-Z+/=]*|* MD5:[0-9a-zA-Z+/=]*)
    # The new OpenSSH 6.8+ format,
# 1024 SHA256:mVPwvezndPv/ARoIadVY98vAC0g+P/5633yTC4d/wXE /home/barney/.ssh/id_dsa (DSA)
    echo "$ef_line" | cut -f2 -d' '

I applied the changes to my /usr/bin/keychain, and the errors stopped. I think this change belongs in Cygwin, too, since OpenSSH 6.8p1-1.

I applied this fix to the case statement (penultimate entry) in the extract_fingerprints() function (around line 800) and it does seem to work for me as well. I would recommend this be added as a permanent fix in Cygwin's package.

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