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Re: slow startup after upgrade

Andrey Repin wrote at 00:42 +0300 on Feb 26, 2015:
 > >> On problematic winxp box:
 > >>     [passwd, group, db_shell: 'files db', 'files db' & /bin/dash]
 > >>       16.83, 17.03, 24.80, 28.79, 27.99, 27.39 sec
 > >>
 > >>     [passwd, group, db_shell: db, db & /bin/dash]
 > >>       23.51, 27.91, 28.78 sec
 > > Doesn't sound good at all.  Terrible in fact.  That a 32 or 64 bit XP?
 > > I didn't fire up my XP test machines for ages and I'm not overly enjoying
 > > it, but I guess I have to.  Oh well, hang on...
 > > [...time passes...]
 > > [...starting up...]
 > > [...XP...]
 > > [...32 bit...]
 > > [...updating...]
 > > [...testing...]
 > > Hmm, no.  In my case there's no visible delay starting mintty, and tcsh
 > > is my login shell, too.  mkpasswd and mkgroup are running comparably
 > > fast as on my W8.1 64 bit machine I'm using for testing in the first
 > > place.
 > > Something strange is going on on your XP machine, it seems.
 > Although I've migrated to Win7, I'm still using XP systems extensively, many
 > of them have Cygwin, and I didn't see anything even remotely close to his
 > results, ever.
 > His messages basically left me speechless, I was afraid to guess.
 > The half a minute startup of a shell, I could only attribute to environmental
 > issues.

I would not be surprised if some of the malware... err software that
our IT folks load onto windows installations is causing some problem
(BLODA-like effects in cygwin parlance).  If other XP users in AD
domains are not having similar trouble, I'm content to chalk this up
to a local issue (that is perhaps tickled by some interaction with
cygwin 1.7.34+).  For now cygserver is an acceptible workaround and
some day this XP box will be retired (wiped and replaced with
something other than windows).

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