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Re: gid doesn't display correctly on SAMBA share using AD

On 02/25/2015 12:20 PM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Feb 25 11:51, Len Giambrone wrote:
On 02/25/2015 11:18 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Feb 25 11:01, Len Giambrone wrote:
The username displays correctly, but the group name does not:

$ ls -la foo
-rw-rw-r-- 1 build Unix_Group+999 0 Feb 25 10:52 foo

And this is confirmed by running getent:

$ getent passwd build

$ getent passwd group

I've read
'til I'm blue in the face, and I think this should work.
What am I missing?  How can I debug?
If your admin changed your user account to have a gidNumber 999 only,
then that won't help,  Consider:  Cygwin tries to find a group with
gidNumber set to 999.  How is it supposed to evaluate the right
gidNumber value from some arbitrary user account?

What Cygwin needs to get the right connection between a Windows group
and a gidNumber value is that the *group* entry in AD itself has the
gidNumber set to the right value.

I don't know if that's really the problem in your case, but that seems
the most likely.

Please report back.  I'm excited that I'm not the only one interested
in getting this connection between unix and windows ids working :)
It worked.  :)  Now I just have to persuade my admin to populate uidNumber
and gidNumber for all our current and new users...
I'm glad to read that.  Thanks for your feedback!

If I can't get my admin to cooperate, then I have to resort to using mkpasswd/mkgroup -U. But this gives output like this:

$ ls -la foo
-rw-rw-r-- 1 Unix_User+build Unix_Group+releng 0 Feb 25 10:52 foo

Is that expected? (The Unix_User+/Unix_Group+ prefix).



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