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Re: chgrp in Windows


>>>>>> The result of chown I can see in Windows Explorer as the Owner but where is the group information?
>>>>> ItÃs over on the Security tab of the same window youÃre looking at: ÃGroup or user namesÃ.
>>>>I just remembered that that tab isnÃt always visible.  If youÃre running a Ãhomeà version of Windows, thereÃs a pretty good chance you donÃt even see this tab.
>>> Thanks for that.  I first thought that's it.  I am on XP Pro so this
>>> doesn't seem to apply.  I do see the security tab 
>>> if that is what you mean.   But the 'Group or user names' box only selects
>>> for which user/group I want to modify 
>>> the permissions, doesn't it?  I don't want to modify or look at permissions.
>>> I am actually looking for the information I see in ls -l as the group, i.e. column #4.
>>> I am trying to fix a completely hosed file system and seem to have quite a
>>> bit of trouble with that...  Something's still missing.
>>If you mean Cygwin system, reinstall would be a faster way.

> Unfortunately, it's the whole PC, which is also the reason why I have to use this terrible webmailer, sorry.

Then there's an article on Microsoft KB explaining the way to re-initialize
the default permissions on system folders.

However, this is an off-topic here.

Andrey Repin ( 25.02.2015, <04:21>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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