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Re: wish: setup.exe should remember the desktop icon setting

> Am 22.02.2015 um 21:53 schrieb Andrew Schulman:
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> when I run setup.exe for the first time, it shows a checkbox somewhere
> >> at the end of the wizard, allowing me to create a Cygwin icon on the
> >> desktop.
> >>
> >> I don?t want this icon, so I uncheck that box. But when I later run
> >> setup.exe again, the checkbox is checked again, and I have to manually
> >> uncheck it again.
> >>
> >> setup.exe should remember the last setting of the checkbox.
> > 
> > Running setup with the -n switch, 
> > 
> >   setup-x86_64.exe -n
> > 
> > disables creation of the shortcuts.
> I don?t think I?m the only one who doesn?t like the current behavior.
> Therefore it should be fixed directly in setup.exe. It alread remembers
> the preferred download site, so why not extend this to also remembering
> the user?s desktop icon preference?
> And whenever a user changes his mind, he will see the checkbox again
> after every installation of a package. (Since that?s how setup.exe
> currently works.)

OK, but I feel sure the answer to these suggestions will be: PTC.

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