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Re: Very slow Cygwin startup on Windows 7

Greetings, Corinna Vinschen!

> So what I did now for testing is to add a timer.  If cygserver is not
> running, the startup procedure still fetches the group info from the
> user's token... but if it couldn't finish the job within 300ms, it
> just stops collecting this information and moves on.

> That should have a "mixed" effect in slow scenarios.  The startup will
> not take longer than about 300ms, so it's comparatively fast from a
> human perspective, but it will not entirely give up on collecting group
> information so subsequent calls fetching group info will be faster.

> The value itself, 300ms, is disputable, of course.  I just chose it from
> my gut feeling.  If this method is a usable compromise, maybe 400 or
> 500ms is good enough, I don't know.

If this startup timer does not affect subsequent calls to the same facilities,
and only in effect during initial startup, it can be anything. 300 or 500ms,
not really relevant. I see how you can be a member of 200 groups, and I really
don't see it as bad thing, other than certain administrative tasks may be
slow, but in more common scenario we can expect lower number of groups and
faster response times in general.

> I uploaded new developer snapshots containing this change to


> Please give them a try.

I should, like, REALLY get myself together to migrate to samba4 already >.<

Andrey Repin ( 20.02.2015, <20:43>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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