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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] TEST RELEASE: Cygwin 1.7.35-0.3

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> And it's fast with other shells?  Bash is reading/writing a history
> file, too, for instance...

Yes, that's the puzzling bit; although I don't have nearly the same
number of history lines in .bash_history, but the difference still is at
least an order of magnitude.

> I can't debug this.  Care to strace it to find out where the problem
> might be?  Is that a 1.7.34+ problem?

I think so.  Since I switched very early to the LDAP integration code
and have been running on snapshots most of the time since, I can't
really say when exactly this was introduced.

> Hmm.  On second thought, this might still be an LDAP problem.  I have a
> hunch, and it's related to
> But we need to discuss and debug this.  From me crummy little home
> network I have a hard time to see issues like that.

Me too, I usually only see this when I'm on business travel, although I
can use the VPN from home.

> One bug report at a time would be nice...  This could be related to the
> changes in tty read/write related to
> but I have only 24h per day for hacking and debugging, too.  Sans sleep,
> sorry.

Understood.  The timing seems about right, I first noticed this
beginning of December.

> Yep.  We should contemplate to allow sending a signal to cygserver to
> invalidate its cache.  Somebody would have to code that.  Sigh.

Yes, yes. :-) In the meantime, restarting the service manually does
work, unfortunately I can't add this to the script that opens the VPN

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