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Re: TEST RELEASE: Cygwin 1.7.35-0.3

Greetings, John Hein!

> Without 'files' in /etc/nsswitch.conf or 'cygserver' running, the
> testing cycle here is slow.  So I've been a bit delayed at reporting
> back.  I know some people have alleged wonderful speedups with
> 1.7.35-0.3, but I can't report the same.

> Here I'm in an AD environment with ~8000 entries in AD (as determined
> by 'mkpasswd -d | wc') and I'm in 200+ groups.  I guess I'd call it
> somewhat large, and the network is geographically spread out and
> connected by links that vary in speed (the slowest is probably 10s of
> Mbps), although there is a local AD "slave" on the local LAN.

> It's particularly slow if I force using my shell of choice (tcsh)
> rather than forcing '/bin/dash' as the 'db_shell' entry in
> nsswitch.conf.  This is likely because of all the various things that
> get executed at shell startup (csh.cshrc, profile.d/*.csh).

I can't comment on this matter, but this seems RATHER suspicious.

> Just to avoid any possible cruft from my old cygwin install, I
> installed a minimal fresh cygwin.  The only change was to
> nsswitch.conf:

> passwd: db
> group: db
> db_shell: /bin/dash

> Starting mintty with db_shell set to /bin/tcsh has taken up to a half
> hour before the prompt appears.  I don't have a complicated .cshrc
> (just a few alias definitions & 'set' commands).

You can get a more reliable test of the changes to Cygwin specifically, if you
just run `id` directly (let's say, from native console, or a batch file).

> Also mkpasswd -d seems to be taking a long time (haven't had it
> complete in hours now).  That didn't happen with 1.7.34 - maybe
> there's a local issue here on our network.

mkpasswd is trying to pull up ALL records for ALL users in the domain.
Even with recent changes, I can imagine it taking a lot of time in a spread
out network.

> What's a good way to debug
> what's happening with mkpasswd?  Seems like its not doing anything.

Sysinternals ADInsight, as has been mentioned before.

Andrey Repin ( 20.02.2015, <05:50>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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