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Re: Texlive Package Problem

Ken Brown writes:
> There's no problem here.  /var/lib/texmf/postinstall is used for the
> new streamlined TeX Live postinstall process.  The files in it are
> markers indicating that something needs to be done, and they are
> renamed with ".done" appended when it's done.  The same thing is done
> with normal postinstall files in /etc/postinstall, but I guess
> cygcheck knows about them.

You could create the marker files in the normal postinstall phase via
script and remove them when you're done.  That way they wouldn't be
packaged and cygcheck would not complain if they're missing.  This is
however a lot less elegant unless cygport could be enhanced to provide
the boilerplate wrappers for that.

> I don't know if there's something I should do to avoid this problem or
> if cygcheck just needs to be tweaked.

That would be the other option, but I don't know how hard that would be.
If it's already matching on "/etc/postinstall" to do that deed then it
might be a small change to simply just check for

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