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RE: Very slow Cygwin startup on Windows 7

>>>> Well, nsswitch.conf was a good suggestion - I'd left it as the default
>>>> (which is empty), but I added a 'files' entry and it came good again.
>>>> Changing the passwd and group entries to 'files db' makes it very slow
>>>> again.
>>>Limit the number of entries that Cygwin fetches from the DC.  Also,
>>>starting a cygserver would help.
>>>> Not sure what changed here, I have a very good connection to my DC,
>>>> but obviously something wrong here now.
>>>You may be surprised at how slow a DC really can be when it sees some
>>>load, regardless of connection speed when you try to fetch several
>>>thousand entries.  If I were to try a 'mkpasswd -d' on our DC I'd
>>>usually have to wait about an hour with very little network traffic to
>>>show (the resulting file would be about 4MiB).

>> Thanks Achim - I've recreated my passwd and group files to be sure.
>> I checked some domain lookups and they take a second or two for each entry - quite slow.

>> So, I'll leave nsswitch where it is for now and I've started cygserver.

>If you are accepting suggestions, and up for some experimentation, try this:

># getent passwd $(id -u) > /etc/passwd
># getent group $(id -G) > /etc/group
># echo -e "#\npasswd: files db\ngroup: files db\n" > /etc/nsswitch.conf
>and start bash without cygserver running. Just for test.
>The idea is to have "your" groups in files so that in simple case of (just
>startup" Cygwin don't have to talk to DC all too much. If at all.

>You'd still need to run cygserver to benefit from long-time caching, though.

Apologies for my slow response - urgent RFI's.

Ok, so I reverted nsswitch to the 'files db' setting.
I stopped cygserver
I ran your commands to recreate /etc/passwd and /etc/group 
(they now contain 1 line and 3 lines respectively - before it had about 10 & 21 lines in each)

To create a bash terminal window (from cmd) takes about 5-6 minutes.
cmd /v:on /c "echo !TIME! & C:\cygwin64\bin\mintty.exe /bin/echo "test" & echo !TIME!"
11:06:59.78 = 5:39.51

Starting cygserver:
11:08:31.62 = 0:00.07

Stopping it again:
11:15:04.45 = 05:45.43

With the 'db' entry excluded as a control:
11:15:56.90 = 00:00.10

I reverted back to use files+db and my larger passwd and group files, turned on cygserver:
11:19:34.38 = 00:00.07


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