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Re: Very slow Cygwin startup on Windows 7

On Feb 13 03:34, Andrey Repin wrote:
> Greetings, Corinna Vinschen!
> >> [...]
> >> If you are accepting suggestions, and up for some experimentation, try this:
> >> 
> >> # getent passwd $(id -u) > /etc/passwd
> >> # getent group $(id -G) > /etc/group
> >> # echo -e "#\npasswd: files db\ngroup: files db\n" > /etc/nsswitch.conf
> >> 
> >> and start bash without cygserver running. Just for test.
> >> The idea is to have "your" groups in files so that in simple case of (just
> >> startup" Cygwin don't have to talk to DC all too much. If at all.
> >> 
> >> You'd still need to run cygserver to benefit from long-time caching, though.
> > Do you feel up to the task to extend the FAQ entry
> >
> > with a description of your solution?
> I took a liberty to reorder and rewrite it a little.
> Please tell me, if I didn't lost anything in the process.

It reads nicely.  The paragraph starting with "The 1.7.35 release is
expected..." needs a tweak as soon as 1.7.35 goes release, of course,
but otherwise it's really neat.

The problem is this:  The source of the file is not in HTML but in XML,

Any problem to rework for XML and sending as unified patch against the
latest version of the file from CVS?

Thanks a lot,

Corinna Vinschen                  Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
Cygwin Maintainer                 cygwin AT cygwin DOT com
Red Hat

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