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Re: /dev/tty does not work from shell

Helmut Karlowski <helmut.karlowski <at>> writes:
> That was it. All fine now, next I'll write me a cygwin-snapshot-install :-\

Or package it and install via setup.exe.

.PHONY: both all install clean force-clean clean-install clean-source
snapshot source install-snapshot snapshot-debuginfo install-snapshot-debuginfo

CV   ?= 1.7.34
CR   ?= 003
CVR   = $(CV)-$(CR)
SD   ?= 20150108
ARCH ?= $(subst i686,x86,$(shell arch))

CYGMIR   = /mnt/mirror/cygwin/$(ARCH)/release/cygwin
CYGDEB   = $(CYGMIR)/cygwin-debuginfo
CYGDEV   = $(CYGMIR)/cygwin-devel
SNAPSHOT = $(PWD)/$(ARCH)/snapshot-$(SD)
SNAPSRC  = $(PWD)/source
SNAPDEB  = $(PWD)/$(ARCH)/snapshot-debuginfo-$(SD)
SNAPDEV  = $(PWD)/$(ARCH)/snapshot-devel-$(SD)
PATCH    = /mnt/mirror/patch/$(ARCH)/release/cygwin
PATCHDEB = $(PATCH)/cygwin-debuginfo
PATCHDEV = $(PATCH)/cygwin-devel

        $(MAKE) install ARCH=x86
        $(MAKE) install ARCH=x86_64

all:            snapshot snapshot-debuginfo snapshot-devel
install:        clean-install clean install-snapshot
install-snapshot-debuginfo force-clean

clean force-clean:
        rm -fr     $(SNAPSHOT) $(SNAPDEB) *.bz2 *.xz *.dbg
clean-install:  clean
        rm -f      $(PATCH)/cygwin-$(CVR)s$(SD).tar.*
        rm -f      $(SNAPSRC)/cygwin-snapshot-*

cygwin-inst-$(SD).tar.xz cygwin-src-$(SD).tar.xz cygwin1-$(SD).dbg.xz:
        wget $(SNAPURL)/$@

source: cygwin-src-$(SD).tar.xz
        tar     -C $(SNAPSRC) -xvf cygwin-src-$(SD).tar.xz

snapshot:       cygwin-inst-$(SD).tar.xz
        mkdir   -p $(SNAPSHOT) $(PATCH)
        cp      --preserve=ownership,timestamp $(CYGMIR)/setup.hint $(PATCH)
        sed     -i .bak -e '/^(curr|test|prev):/ d' $(PATCH)/setup.hint
        tar     -C $(SNAPSHOT) -xf $(CYGMIR)/cygwin-$(CVR).tar.xz
        tar     -C $(SNAPSHOT) -xf cygwin-inst-$(SD).tar.xz
install-snapshot:       snapshot
        mkdir   -p $(PATCH)
        tar     -C $(SNAPSHOT) -Jcf $(PATCH)/cygwin-$(CVR)s$(SD).tar.xz etc/

snapshot-debuginfo:     cygwin1-$(SD).dbg.xz
        mkdir   -p $(SNAPDEB) $(PATCHDEB)
        cp      --preserve=ownership,timestamp $(CYGDEB)/setup.hint $(PATCHDEB)
        sed     -i .bak -e '/^(curr|test|prev):/ d' $(PATCHDEB)/setup.hint
        tar     -C $(SNAPDEB)  -xf $(CYGDEB)/cygwin-debuginfo-$(CVR).tar.xz
        unxz    -c cygwin1-$(SD).dbg.xz >
        touch   -r cygwin1-$(SD).dbg.xz  
install-snapshot-debuginfo:     snapshot-debuginfo
        mkdir   -p $(PATCHDEB)
        tar     -C $(SNAPDEB) -Jcf
$(PATCHDEB)/cygwin-debuginfo-$(CVR)s$(SD).tar.xz --exclude usr/man --exclude
usr/include usr/

snapshot-devel: snapshot
        mkdir   -p $(SNAPDEV) $(PATCHDEV)
        cp      --preserve=ownership,timestamp $(CYGDEV)/setup.hint $(PATCHDEV)
        sed     -i .bak -e '/^(curr|test|prev):/ d' $(PATCHDEV)/setup.hint
install-snapshot-devel: snapshot-devel
        mkdir   -p $(PATCHDEB)
        tar     -C $(SNAPDEB) -Jcf
$(PATCHDEB)/cygwin-debuginfo-$(CVR)s$(SD).tar.xz --exclude usr/man --exclude
usr/include usr/

(Gmane is going to break some lines, so you'll have to clean those up, sorry)


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