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Re: execlp/execvp needs case-correct PATH

Am 09.02.2015 um 05:21 schrieb Andrey Repin:
Greetings, Thomas Wolff!

With a Windows case sensitive file system (and according mount flags
for /cygdrive), the PATH does not properly reflect casing of the actual
directories (e.g. C:\WINDOWS vs. C:\Windows, thanks MS...).
NTFS is a case-insensitive, but case-preserving file system.
I'll leave it up to you to google the implications.
Not quite, there is an optional feature (well-hidden) to switch to complete case sensitiveness.
It's also referred somewhere in the Cygwin user guide.

However, the shell finds programs anyway, like e.g. notepad.
The exec*p system calls, on the other hand, do not find a program in this
case as demonstrated by the attached test program.
This is in contrast to the Linux (and POSIX?) manual page which claims
âThe execlp(), execvp(), and execvpe() functions duplicate the actions
of the shell in searching for an executable file ââ

Andrey Repin ( 09.02.2015, <07:20>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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