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Re: group permissions

Greetings, Thomas Wolff!

> With 1.7.34-6:
 >> - the fixes in POSIX ACL handling and the effect this has on the standard
 >>     POSIX group permissions, as well as the accompanying new setfacl(1)
 >>     options -b/--remove-all and -k/--remove-default.
 >> See
 >> and
 >> and
> Group permissions are now composed of multiple ACL entries, like:
> -rw-rwx---+ 1 towo Domain Users   128 Feb  5 13:36 x
> with ACL:
> # file: x
> # owner: towo
> # group: Domain Users
> user::rw-
> group::r-x
> group:SYSTEM:rwx
> mask:rwx
> other:---

> chmod g-wx does not work on x, only after setfacl -d group:SYSTEM x ,
> the g-w bit is gone.
> This is surprising behaviour (and has been discussed in a specific
> context in another thread);
> the explanation is hidden in only roughly related sections of the user
> guide (setfacl) or even the FAQ,
> and is not found in the section Permissions and Security where one would
> look first;
> I suggest to add an illustrative section there.

Perhaps, a link to
would suffice.

> However, I am not yet convinced that the explanation makes it less
> surprising from a POSIX point of view because the file does not have the
> group 'SYSTEM' which is responsible for the g+wx flags.
> Maybe ls -l should display a more permissive group (in the example case
> SYSTEM rather than Domain Users) to give the user a hint? How is this
> handled on other ACL systems? (I can check next week.)

See the abovementioned link.

Andrey Repin ( 09.02.2015, <07:07>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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