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Re: gnuplot MSWindows fontconfig blown away by recent update

Ken Brown <kbrown <at>> writes:

> On 1/31/2015 1:28 PM, Brian Inglis wrote:
> > Hi, I use gnuplot which requires fontconfig info to use Windows fonts. Some
> > recent update (one of the graphic libs?) appears to have blown this info
> > away. So gnuplot is now using its default internal fonts which messes up the
> > appearance and layout of dozens of regularly scheduled plots from my data
> > sources. I do not use Xwindows or Xfonts so the X11 font docs do not explain
> > much. How can I restore gnuplot access to Windows fonts?
> This is a result of a change in Cygwin's fontconfig package:
> I don't know whether Yaakov is still planning to make a a separate package to 
> add the Windows font directory to the default font path.

I added Windows fonts to my personal local fontconfig after the drop
breakage last year. I just redid fc-cache -v and all Windows fonts appear to
be included. 
So it may not be fontconfig, but a recent update to cygwin64, such as the
graphic lib updates used by gnuplot, had the same effect, as cygwin gnuplot
is now using only the default font and size instead of specified Windows
fonts and sizes. 
Has some recent library change stopped gnuplot using Windows fonts, as
fontconfig no longer supports them by default, even though we can add them
Is some new directory setup or env var required for the graphics libraries
to use fontconfig fonts? 

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