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"Bug" in setup-x86.exe command line

'date' command returns a time exactly 3:21:00 ahead of system time

[ANNOUNCEMENT] [SECURITY] Updated: flac-1.3.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] [SECURITY] Updated: subversion-1.8.11-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: openblas-0.2.13-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: postfix-2.11.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New: autoconf-archive-2014.10.15-1


[ANNOUNCEMENT] TEST RELEASE: Cygwin 1.7.34-003 (Christmas/New Year release)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated : udunits-2.2.17-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: apache2-2.2.29-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: bind-9.9.6-P1-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ca-certificates-2.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cpio-2.11-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: csih-0.9.8-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: dbus-1.8.12-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: fish-2.1.1-5

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gettext-0.19.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: graphviz-2.38.0-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: GStreamer 1.2.4

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ImageMagick-

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ImageMagick- (Emacs problem)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: libyaml-0.1.6-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: links 2.8-2 -- Text mode WWW browser

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: llvm/clang-3.4.2-4

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw64-{headers,runtime,winpthreads} w32api-* 3.3.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ncurses-5.9-20141213-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: nspr-4.10.7-1, nss-3.17.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: openjpeg-1.5.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: openmpi-1.8.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: openssl-1.0.1j-2, libopenssl098-0.9.8zc-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: par-1.52-4

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: pcre-8.36-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: postgresql-9.4.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: python-imaging-2.6.1-1, python3-imaging-2.6.1-1

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: Ruby 2.0.0-p598

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: sharutils-4.14.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: stunnel 5.07-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: taglib-1.9.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: TeXmacs-1.99.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: tzcode-2014j-1: Time Zone Database

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: util-linux-2.25.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: vim-7.4.560-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: w32api-headers 3.3.0-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: wget-1.16.1-1

Re: [cygwin] Cygwin's git says "error: failed to read delta-pack base object"

[PATCH] cygport

About djvulibre and djview (To Say Nothing of the... pdf2djvu)

advice about setting up the eigen library for use with cygwin g++

a batch that executes a command within cygwin?

Re: Bug in strftime %z (was: Possible defect in email.exe re: sent timestamp)

Re: BUG: cygwin warning: barfs on domain-based-mboxes; env corrupted by login(-p disabled)

Re: BUG: gcc segfaults compiling python extensions

bug: struct cmsghdr does not match system on cygwin64

Building cdo

Re: Can't Run Excel From A Cron Job Under Windows 7

Cipher Issue while Connecting from AIX

create root user question

Ctrl-C does not work from Cygwin for the java program

RE: cygport patches for TeX Live

cygrunsrv "improvements"

Cygwin AD integration home/shell changes

Re: cygwin Digest 7 Dec 2014 10:57:56 -0000 Issue 8995

Cygwin's git says "error: failed to read delta-pack base object"

cygwin64 has no LISP package

Emacs: Warning about accessibility bus


Errors with Cygwin Installation and Missing tools needed for program operation

example for Match Host, in ssh?

Exitcode is 0 when killing a cygwin initiated process via taskmanager

Extremely slow performance from bash

Fatal error using flock

fdisk -l is mute

filename completion fails for quoted command

fork::abort starting emacs-X11

RE: fork::abort starting emacs-X11 [ain't no more]

g++ returns 127 and does nothing

gah! ksp beta died!

GLOB_ONLYDIR not defined in glob.h

Google Calendar Command Line Interface

Re: Google P...

Google Penalty: urgent action requested

grep treating my text files as binary!

Happy Holidays

HookUp with Local Singles NOW - #1 Dating Website for Women & Men!

How to use odbc-mysql ?

ImageMagick- ( autotrace circular dependency)

Re: Instability with signals and threads

ld.exe segfault when compiling Box Backup

Link to from

A list of installed packages (no dependencies)

LLVM OCaml bindings

Major Git vulnerability announced; when can we expect an update to the Cygwin git package?

mksh 49-1 no longer handles Windows line endings

Mounted NAS, net use and shared drive paths... Issues

Never ending SSHD story: offering public key terminates connection

Re: Odd behavior with some Unicode characters

openat fakery is misleading

OpenSSL as Base package

pdfnup ignores ~/.pdfjam.conf

Re: pdfnup ignores ~/.pdfjam.conf

Possible defect in email.exe re: sent timestamp

Possible resource leak

Possibly wrong Admin group ID in cygwin 1.7.34-003 (x64)

Problem with using a packaged cygwin with another cygwin-installation in C:\cygwin

problems with apache2 and postgres after Pc in sleep mode

proc_retry question

ps questions

public mailing list

Question about using MinGW GCC on Cygwin

Random failures with Cygwin patch

reload ssh configuration without stopping and starting the service?

Re: RFC: 1.7.33 problem with user's home directory

RFD: cygwin ACLs: NFS or POSIX model: ease in adapting to CIFS ACLs?

select() fails on multi-byte input in cygwin console (since 1.7.10)

setup-x86.exe stops downloading after one or two packages

SOLVED Re: Problem with using a packaged cygwin with another cygwin-installation in C:\cygwin

Re: src/winsup/utils ChangeLog tzset.c ...

SSHd configuration problems (System error 1376)

Re: SSHd configuration problems (System error 1376) - CONFIRMED

Strange problem running Cygwin installer

Re: TEST RELEASE: Cygwin 1.7.34-002

Re: TEST RELEASE: Cygwin 1.7.34-003 (Christmas/New Year release)

tzset error

Unexpected messages from sshd with 2014-12-05 snapshot

windows application manifest in gnu cpp application built on cygwin

Windows Server 2012 R2 - man very very slow

You have a new message on F*ckbook from someone in YOUR area.

zsh newline issues

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