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Re: RFC: 1.7.33 problem with user's home directory

On Nov 26 21:56, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> The meaning of the schemata depend on the setting:
>   db_home:
>     windows         AD and SAM: Utilizes the setting of the homeDrive or
> 		    homeDirectory attributes, or their SAM "Home folder"
> 		    counterparts.  The Windows path is converted to a
> 		    POSIX path.

I'm not really happy with this.  It requires to write some value to the
homeDrive/homeDirectory attributes, because it doesn't fall back to the
Windows default values.

So, another question is this:  Shall "db_home: windows" fall back
to the default Windows home dir if homeDrive/homeDirectory are empty?

>     cygwin          AD only: Shortcut for the cygwinHome attribute from
>                     the predefined cygwinUser auxiliary class.  POSIX path
> 		    expected.
>     unix            AD only: Shortcut for the unixHomeDirectory attribute
> 		    from the posixAccount auxiliary class.  POSIX path
> 		    expected.
>     desc            AD and SAM: Fetch the home="..."
>                     setting from the user's description attribute.
> 		    POSIX path expected.
>     @ad_attribute   AD-only: Read AD attribute "ad_attribute" as POSIX
> 		    path.
> 		    However, I'm contemplating to allow a Windows path
> 		    here, too.  Does this make sense to you?

I implemented this now.  It doesn't hurt.

>     /path	    POSIX path.  Remember the wildcards.
>     fallback        If nothing works, the fallback is /home/$USERNAME
>                     (Windows username).
>   db_shell:
>     windows         Ignored.  Do you want CMD instead?

Would be interesting for symmetry only, I guess...


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