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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] TEST RELEASE: Cygwin 1.7.33-0.4

On Oct 29 19:06, Habermann, Dave (DA) wrote:
> Found one interesting observation today after switching to the new AD
> authentication.  My ability to use password-less login via SSH
> suddenly went missing.  Although I haven't fully resolved it yet
> (which I suspect may take regeneration/proliferation of keys), it
> would appear that I've been the victim of case sensitivity.  In my old
> passwd file I had my user ID present in all lower case, but apparently
> in Active Directory my user ID is present as upper case.  I am still
> able to make it log password-less using
> ssh u012356@cr
> but
> ssh cr
> does NOT work, because my user ID is defaulting to U012345 (upper case
> U).  In this case, however, I can STILL log in if I enter my password.
> I don't really think there is anything to correct here, but just
> wanted to point out the oddity in case anyone else suffers from a
> similar issue.

This has been discussed a few months back, but there was no majority
for "always lower-case the Cygwin user name".


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