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Re: Setup 2.774 texlive postinstall takes 10+ hours

Greetings, Don MacDougall!

>> This could happen, if you install too many packages on a 32-bit Cygwin, or
>> there's an interference in your system that break memory layout of
>> applications. (I.e. BLODA)

> I think you might be right and getting to the bottom of it looks looks like
> it'll
> take a lot longer than I was counting on spending right now, so I think I'll
> have to suspend this till I have more time to spend on it.

> I didn't intend to install so many packages, and now that I have done so
> accidentally, I haven't found an easy way to go back to the default
> installation,
> but if there is a way without starting over from scratch I'd be interested
> in a
> pointer to any documentation on it.

Since you've already downloaded the packages, you can just remove the
installed directory (don't remove setupXXX.exe or mirror copies! Only the
directory where you've it installed) and restart setup in "install from
local directory" mode.
That'd be the fastest way. You'll just have to re-run setup afterward to
update installed components from internet.

Andrey Repin ( 29.10.2014, <15:10>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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