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>> should be created.  I would think that some instructions in the docs
>> near the statement mentioned above would be more than sufficient,
>> since this is a "fine tuning" sort of thing.

> Agreed.  Do you have some idea how to phrase this?  I'd be grateful
> for a nice two or three paragraphs discussing this.

Have a look...don't hesitate to re-work if my phrasing doesn't fit....

<!--context section-->
The advantage of cygserver caching is that it's system-wide and, as long as cygserver is running, unforgetful. Every Cygwin process on the system will have the cygserver cache at its service. Additionally, all information requested from cygserver once, will be cached inside the process itself and, again, propagated to child processes.

<!--insertion starts here->
If you automatically start cygwin processes as windows services at system startup, you may wish to consider starting cygserver first in order to take advantage of this system-wide caching.  To assure that cygserver has started prior to starting sshd or other cygwin processes, you may wish to create service startup dependencies.  Cygserver should probably wait for Windows TCPIP and AFD services before it starts, and then other cygwin process should start after cygserver.  Example windows commands to accomplish this (after the services already exist) are shown below.  You will need an administrative prompt to run the sc config commands.

# Delay Cygserver until TCPIP and AFD have started
# Note the (odd) required space character after "depend="

sc config cygserver depend= tcp/afd

# Delay sshd until after Cygserver has started
# Again note the (odd) required space character after "depend="

sc config sshd depend= cygserver

# View the Cygserver service details

sc qc cygserver

Note that this "sc config" command REPLACES any existing dependencies.  The above changes will not impact the running instance, only future instances.

# To remove all dependencies from the cygserver service

sc config cygserver depend= /

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