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Mild amazement (questions) about the output of mkpasswd (1.7.33). Corinna?

Hi Corinna,

As adviced by you, I replaced the "cygwin package" with the test version (1.7.33) on my "Cygwin-32" ...

Let us assume, I am NOT interested in "Windows domains" etc. and that I would like to keep my "own" mapping
between SIDs and uids/gids ...  it appears to me, that both mkpasswd and mkgroup are no longer of any help to
me, as both appear to apply "some fixed (automatic) mapping" between SIDs and uids/gids ... Right?

Initially I left the passwd, group and nsswitch.conf untouched ... (as noted, I am NOT connected to a domain,
and I have never been troubled by the slowness as result of the passwd/group files - small files).

As the output of mkpasswd (and perhaps the "whole" changover in 1.7.33) left me with a question (questions?),
I subsequently removed the aformentioned files ...


 - why does 'mkpasswd -l Seven -u Henri' report differently from 'mkpasswd -l -u Henri'?
    - uid: 4244636648 vs 197608 ...
 - why does MACHINE show up as a prefix to LOCAL USER in 'mkpasswd -L Seven -u Henri', but NOT
   in 'mkpasswd -L -u Henri'?
    - name: Seven+Henri vs Henri ...
    - manual says: -L, generate username WITH machine prefix ...

Just trying to make sense of it all ...


@@ uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW64 Seven 1.7.33(0.279/5/3) 2014-10-27 22:21 i686 Cygwin
@@ id
uid=197608(Henri) gid=197121(None)
groups=197121(None),197615(HelpLibraryUpdaters),545(Users),4(INTERACTIVE),66049(CONSOLE LOGON),11(Authenticated
Users),15(This Organization),113(Local account),4095(CurrentSession),66048(LOCAL),262154(NTLM
Authentication),401408(Medium Mandatory Level)
  # more "info" than I would like to see (yes, I know you think differently ...)

@@ # Seven is a "stand-alone" machine ...
@@ # passwd, group, nsswitch.conf have been removed ... for now

@@ mkpasswd -l -u Henri
  # 197608 - 1000 = 196608 (= 0x30000 ... Oh, the result of the 'fixed' mapping of S-1-5-21-X-Y-Z-RID)

@@ mkpasswd -L -u Henri  # A
  # where is the machine prefix (= Seven) before the local user name (= Henri)?

@@ mkpasswd -l Seven -u Henri
  # 4244636648 - 1000 = 4244635648 (= 0xfd000000 ... huh? I did NOT encounter that number in the documentation)

@@ mkpasswd -L Seven -u Henri
  # ... NOW the local user name is shown with the "machine prefix" (= Seven) ... why not in case of A?)

@@ mkpasswd -l foo -u Henri
mkpasswd (273): [1722] The RPC server is unavailable
  # test only: apparently, Seven is recognized as a "machine name"


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