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Re: Fish 2.1.0 aborted

> Sorry, I tried but I couldn't repeat this crash of fish, when I tried it 
> today for the first time.  But the diagnostic output from fish was 
> reasonable, so it may help.

Thanks for reporting.  

fish 2.1.1 is available in setup, and I recommend that you upgrade.  It has
about a year of bug fixes since 2.1.0, so this problem could be fixed

If the problem does persist, the best thing to do will be to report it on
the fish-users mailing list.  The fish authors are there and can address it
much more effectively than I can.
> BTW, startup of fish took at least 30 seconds before anything started 
> happening.

OK.  This is hard to evaluate on its own.  How does that compare to
starting dash or bash?

My observation is that fish takes about as long to start as bash, with both
shells fully configured with my customizations.  That's about what I'd
expect.  On one of my slower machines, there's a noticeable lag in printing
the prompt, when I do some processing to compute it.

> luke@CID ~> nWarning: exec_subshell called off of main thread. Break on 
> debug_thread_error to debug.

I see this message a few times a week.  Not sure yet what causes it, but it
seems to be related to autocompletion.


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