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BUG: cygwin warning: barfs on domain-based-mboxes; env corrupted by login(-p disabled)

cygwin warning:
 MS-DOS style path detected: /usr/spool/mail/Bliss/law
 Preferred POSIX equivalent is: /usr/spool/mail/Bliss/law
CYGWIN environment variable option "nodosfilewarning" turns off this warning.
 Consult the user's guide for more details about POSIX paths:
law.Bliss> who Bliss\law pty0 2014-10-27 22:39 (Athenae)
law.Bliss> id
uid=5013(Bliss\law) gid=201(lawgroup) groups=201(lawgroup),544(Administrators),545(Users),\
512(Bliss\Domain Admins),513(Bliss\Domain Users)
Upon starting a new cygwin console session -- the first time after
boot, I get the above and I can't shut it off because 'login'
clears all of the Windows environment (including USERPROFILE)
when I use rlogin to login to my local host).

I don't know if rlogin also clears the environment, but login
pretty clearly does which causes all sorts problems trying to
run many (any?) windows based programs.

Note, the above mbox check in (all caps)

happens long before bash has opened it's first "rc" file, so
nothing in bash can be set to disable this problem before
it comes out (does Mbox processing before any rc processing).

At the very least, "login -p" should be fixed to work  (whereas
now it has been explicitly patch to NOT WORK (man login:...)

   -p     Used by getty(8) to tell login not to destroy  the  environment.
             This is disabled in the Cygwin version.

Can login have the cygwin specific code that disables "-p"
removed?  Is there a reason why it is _needed_ (I know it
may cause unpredictable results in a multi-user env -- but
that can be documented -- otherwise, there is no
reliable single-user workaround for the above (and a few
other ENV-wiped-based problems).

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