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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: windows-default-manifest-6.4-1

> This package contains nothing but a default application compatibility
> manifest, which gets linked in by GCC by default, and which is supposed
> to claim compatibility with the latest Windows versions available at the
> time.
> Adding such a manifest got necessary due to a change in Windows 8.1.  On
> earlier OS versions, applications without manifest were treated as
> compatible with the current OS.  Starting with Windows 8.1, an
> executable without manifest is treated as being compatible only with the
> oldest supported OS version of the OS compatibility layer.
> That means, all applications without manifest are running in a Window
> Vista compatibility layer on Windows 8.1.  This affects all Cygwin
> executables to date.  By adding the default manifest to newly built
> packages, we're slowly getting to run our executables with full OS
> compatibility.

I'm sorry, can you please remind me:  Is there anything I have to do to
include the new manifest?  Or is it enough just to rebuild the executable
once this package is installed?

Thanks, Andrew

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