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List server allows email addresses in message body

Recently, I have seen several messages on the mailing list where email
addresses have not been removed from posts with quoted original

Due to having messages rejected, I was under the impression that the
list server would rejecting messages that had email addresses embedded
in the body of the message.

This seems to no longer be the case. See for instance where an email
address appears in the quoted original message.

In the last few days, for me, this has resulted in a significant
increase in spam messages that are not false positives.

I would encourage all posters to remove email addresses from quoted
original messages in all replies to the list, as a common courtesy,
even if this is no longer required or enforced by the list server.

Also, could someone investigate the list server to determine if the
changed behavior is a deliberate policy change, or if there is a new
way to bypass the email address detection that previously rejected
such posts.


Doug Henderson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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