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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] TEST RELEASE: Cygwin 1.7.33-0.1

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
[Christian, please chime in]

On Oct 24 20:41, Denis Excoffier wrote:
 From Cygwin's POV {/usr}/bin is a system dir.  For security reasons it
makes sense that the system DLLs in /bin cannot be overridden, unless
it's an installation issue which should be covered by looking into the
application installation dir first.
Instead of adding the lookup of /usr/bin before the PATH, you could add
it afterwards?
No.  You don't expect this kind of flexibility in the Win32 API, do you?

[The *LIBPATH variables from MS OS/2 (1987) never made it to Win API :-]

The way it works is, there's a call SetDllDirectory which replaces the "."
in the DLL search path with the directory given as argument.  The search
order is always this:

   application dir
   dir given in SetDllDirecory (Cygwin's bin)
   system dirs

Or do you mean that my use is bad practice for security
reasons? That there might be some unexpected DLL somewhere in the PATH?
IIRC, in linux/solaris, LD_LIBRARY_PATH is not honored when you are root,
not otherwise.
Not quite.  LD_LIBRARY_PATH is only ignored if the excutable is a
suid/sgid executable.  Unfortunately we don't have LD_LIBRARY_PATH at
all when running execve (but we have in dlopen).

Having said that, moving your DLLs into the application dir is really
not an option?
Oh yes, i use it all the time. It is the job of 'make install' to also
install the appropriate DLLs. The point here is for 'make check'.


I don't like the idea either that this simple change breaks existing
scenarios.  I'm inclined to revert this change.

Christian, would you mind terribly to re-add the tweak to postfix
to set $PATH?

No problem.

Another possible solution:
Check for e.g. CYGWIN_DLLPATH environment variable before calling SetDllDirectory().

If unset or empty, call SetDllDirectory("X:\path_to_cygwin\bin");
else if set to ".", do nothing.
else call SetDllDirectory(CYGWIN_DLLPATH);

The above 'make check' should then work again as 'CYGWIN_DLLPATH=. make check'.

Possible enhancement: If AddDllDirectory() is available (>= Win8), accept a real search path in CYGWIN_DLLPATH.


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