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Re: Problems on case-sensitive file systems

Greetings, Thomas Wolff!

>>>>> I'm facing a number of issues with case-sensitivity which I've collected:
>>>>> There is a documented limitation on case-sensitivity using drive letter
>>>>> paths,
>>>>> also mentioned in
>>>>> (last item). I vaguely remember seeing a reason for this limitation in some
>>>>> mail but can't find it again. I think it would be good to remove this
>>>>> limitation because it breaks user expectations when working on
>>>>> case-sensitive drives.
>>>> The user expectation when using DOS paths is caseinsensitivity in the
>>>> first place.  But, as usual, there's no way to do this right, since
>>>> somebody will have another POV.  My stance is, don't use DOS paths when
>>>> using Cygwin.  At leats don't use DOS paths if you have any expectations
>>>> about special POSIX path handling on Cygwin.
>>> I use an application that uses Windows or mixed paths, I cannot influence
>>> it. So while I understand your POV, it would still be helpful to have path
>>> interpretation fully-featured. (If you point me to a place in winsup, I
>>> might even try to do something myself.)
>> I'm not going to apply a patch to do that.  DOS paths get no special
>> treatment, they are always handled with DOS/Windows defaults.
> Any last chance to get a distinction here between X:\dos\paths and 
> X:/mixed/paths?

No. It is the same path.

Andrey Repin ( 24.10.2014, <1:49>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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