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Re: run.exe flashes non-hidden console window in cygwin64 on Win7Pro-64

> From: Doug Henderson <>

>On 21 October 2014 10:51, John Wiersba wrote:
>> I'm trying to use run.exe to avoid a flashing console window, but it is not working on 

>> my cygwin64 install on Win7Pro-64.  This is a fresh install from 10/20/2014.  I've 

>> attached my cygcheck.out.  I've tried the following windows shortcuts and all cause a 

>> console window to briefly flash (in the case of mintty a console window flashes before 

>> the mintty terminal is displayed).
>>   D:\cygwin\bin\run.exe /bin/bash -c "echo hi"
>>   D:\cygwin\bin\run.exe /bin/env -i PATH=/bin bash --norc -c "echo hi"
>>   D:\cygwin\bin\run.exe /bin/env -i PATH=/bin mintty bash --norc
>> Since hiding the console window is the main purpose of run.exe, it seems that it is 

>> badly broken for Win7Pro-64.
>Short answer: minimize the shortcut window.
>Long answer: In windows explorer, right click on the shortcut and

Thanks, Doug.  I did that (minimize the shortcut) which makes it almost unnoticeable.
That's an acceptable work-around for me.

Is this not a bug in run.exe?  Run.exe documents a hidden console window, but it sounds
like "flashing and then hidden console window, unless you externally minimize the window
by minimizing the shortcut" would be a more accurate description.  Perhaps there no
(easy) way of run.exe doing this?

Is there a use-case for run.exe besides its use in shortcuts?  If not, then it would be
even more handy for run.exe to do the minimizing/fully-hiding of the console window.

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