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Re: run.exe flashes non-hidden console window in cygwin64 on Win7Pro-64


> From: Achim Gratz <>
>John Wiersba writes:
>> Maybe I'm confused.  Isn't the purpose of run.exe to start a
>> cygwin program without creating a (visible) console window?
>The purpose of run is to start a Windows program that needs a console to
>exist and hide the console window created by windows if there is no
>console that the program can attach to (which would otherwise clutter
>the taskbar even when minimized).

I believe this fits what I am trying to do.  Start a console program (/bin/bash.exe)
without a console being visible, even for a short period of time.

>> I can just start a cygwin program directly without the indirection of
>> run.exe if I don't care about the random flashing console window.
>What are you actually trying to do?  Starting mintty from a Windows
>shortcut doesn't produce a console window to start with and you can just
>tell mintty what program you intend to run inside it.

My scenario is to eventually start mintty.  But I want to script up the 

arguments to mintty so I didn't have to type them into the windows shortcut.  

I created a shortcut:  

  d:\cygwin\bin\run.exe /bin/bash.exe

(I would prefer:  d:\cyginw\run.exe, but that doesn't work for
some reason)

where eventually starts mintty with some command line arguments.  

However, I don't want the flashing window before the bash script calls mintty.  

Run.exe flashes a console window before (or in the process of) starting bash.

If I don't use run.exe and instead start bash.exe directly with


I get an extra console window.  So, run.exe is successfully getting rid of that 

extra console window, but in the process it flashes the console window, which 

is what I'm trying to get rid of (and I think might be a bug in run.exe).

Additionally, I have other scenarios where I would like to start bash from a 

windows shortcut without a flashing console window, even though run.exe is
successful in not leaving a console window on the taskbar.

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