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Re: run.exe flashes non-hidden console window in cygwin64 on Win7Pro-64

> From: Andrey Repin <>

>To: Doug Henderson <>; 
>Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2014 9:28 PM
>Subject: Re: run.exe flashes non-hidden console window in cygwin64 on Win7Pro-64
>>> Andrey, the flashing console flashes very quickly and I don't know how to slow it down.
>>> It appears to have no title and no contents.
>Normally, I just fire up a screen recorder in such cases. But I seems to have
>missed the beginning of a discussion.
>> run appears to work correctly when you use it at a cygwin shell prompt.
>> run.exe is a cygwin executable; use ldd see the DLLs that it uses.
>> Since your shortcut is not starting a windows GUI program, it starts a
>> console window, possibly executing cmd.exe
>Depends on the way shortcut is constructed... I don't think it ever touch
>cmd.exe, there's no need to do so. But the console window is really the
>run.exe itself. Most, if not all, of Cygwin applications are in fact "console
>applications" in Windows terms.
>> Have you tried changing the shortcut to cause it to open the window
>> minimized? I vaguely remember doing something like that with the
>> cygwin.bat clone I used to start a (non-X windows) rxvt window.
>That may at least alleviate the window flashing in the face of a user.

Maybe I'm confused.  Isn't the purpose of run.exe to start a
cygwin program without creating a (visible) console window? 
I can just start a cygwin program directly without the indirection of
run.exe if I don't care about the random flashing console window.

>From the run.exe manpage: 
  run will do this for you.  It works as intermediate and starts a program but makes the console window hidden.

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