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Re: perl -d causes completion to fail

On 10/22/2014 7:50 AM, Adam Dinwoodie wrote:

I've never installed any Cygwin stuff from anything other than
setup.exe.  The Cygwin mirror I typically use is Oddly enough, looking at it now, I see
Current as 2.1-1 and "new" as 1.3-1. Huh? OK... Installing "new"...

Cygwin Ports uses setup-*.exe for installing its packages.  It's also
currently distributing bash-completion 2.1-1, so I strongly suspect that
at some point -- intentionally or not -- you installed the Cygwin Ports

If I did it was totally unintentional especially considering I don't know what a Cygwin Ports is though I imagine it about porting open source software to Cygwin and perhaps maybe a site. Are you telling me that is a "Cygwin Ports" site?

Ah dang! You're right! I recalled that setup asks for a local package dir and I typically keep a Cygwin folder with all of the stuff I use downloaded in case anybody else wants to use it locally. I recalled how it has directories under it with encoded URL names so I decided to check my "repo" and lo and behold there's a directory there. I had no idea that this "Ports" URL was different than any other URL in that list...

OK so is this bad? Should I remove it? How would I "back this out"?

Incidentally, almost everything in this mail trail so far could have
been skipped if you'd included `cygcheck -srv` output in your initial
email, as we'd have been able to tell straight away that you weren't
using the official Cygwin version of bash-completion.

Well now I do have 1.3-1 and I have an /etc/bash_completion.d/perl,
but it behaves the same... :-(

The next step I'd suggest is to check if the upstream bash-completion
package has the behaviour you're looking for.

If upstream does have this behaviour, you can (a) install it yourself,
separately from the Cygwin install (but be aware the list won't support
problems you hit unless/until you can identify the Cygwin-distributed
component that's causing the problem), and/or (b) request the Cygwin
bash-completion maintainer upgrade to a more recent version.

If upstream doesn't have this behaviour, I can see a bunch of options:

a) Write a plugin yourself to do it.  The obvious place to put this
    would be ~/.bash_completion, which is automatically included by the
    bash_completion scripts if it exists.  Optionally submit it upstream
    then follow all the previous instructions about getting it included
    in Cygwin.

Wow! I didn't know that bash_completion sourced ~/.bash_completion. That's good to know as I have written my own bash_completions - an extensive set that covers just about all of the Clearcase commands complete with smarts to complete Clearcase objects like labels, branch names, etc. Contact me if you want a copy.

b) Find the mailing list/equivalent for upstream and ask them to add the
    feature.  See above if they actually do so.
c) Find a third-party plugin that provides this feature.  Install it
    manually or ITP it and have it included in Cygwin properly.
d) Live without it.

Quite honestly option D is the best choice for me at this moment as this is the only thing that doesn't complete for me and I'm about to be hammered at work and too busy to follow up on this. Maybe later.

Damn good response though! Thanks.
Andrew DeFaria

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