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Problems on case-sensitive file systems

I'm facing a number of issues with case-sensitivity which I've collected:

There is a documented limitation on case-sensitivity using drive letter paths,
also mentioned in
(last item). I vaguely remember seeing a reason for this limitation in some
mail but can't find it again. I think it would be good to remove this
limitation because it breaks user expectations when working on
case-sensitive drives. Note I'm not asking about EXFAT (as in that thread)
but using Windows or mixed paths on NTFS or network drives, which should
be easy to transform/normalize for access.

According to documentation, the posix mount flag is enforced to be the same
for all mounts below /cygdrive; is there a strong reason? I think this
is not useful, because you may likely want data drives to be case-sensitive
but it's not good for the Windows system drive (because Windows is so silly
to have something like C:\WINDOWS\system32 in the path while the names are
C:\Windows\System32... as a workaround, I once set a symbolic link into C:\
- ln -s WINDOWS Windows. This worked nicely until I wanted to reboot and it
didn't find it's system folder anymore :( ).

To achieve the desired mount, I tried this:
D: /drives/d ntfs binary,nouser,posix=1,noumount
but somehow it does not seem to work for local drives while it works
nicely for network drives.

mv XY xy does not work if XY is a directory (no effect, no message)

If I switch Windows to case-sensitivity, there is no .EXE magic (only .exe magic).
So e.g. PING: command not found, while PING.EXE works.
Well, there are only a few .EXE files around, so this may be acceptable.


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