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Re: Tester for openblas needed

I avoided to include lapack as for compatibility
I will need to split exactly as netlib in


something for the future.

That makes sense, it gets packaged that way in debian and fedora too.
I think there's an open issue on openblas' tracker to add a build option
to split up the shared library that way, make packagers' lives easier.

Even netlib lapack will run faster with a better blas plugged in, so the
way you're doing it now with just the blas parts makes sense to start with.

So how many THREADS would you like to see ?

I think 8 would cover the majority of users, 16 at the most. I've seen
cases where openblas can try to use threads on small problems where it
shouldn't need to, so it would be good to check whether it's smart about
avoiding oversubscription if you run it without setting OPENBLAS_NUM_THREADS.
Of course users who really want more threads can compile it themselves,
but it'll be convenient to have a fast blas easily hooked into Cygwin's
packages for numpy, R, octave, etc.


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