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Re: Setup 2.774 texlive postinstall takes 10+ hours

On 10/20/2014 6:38 PM, Don MacDougall wrote:
I downloaded Setup.exe version 2.850 (32 bit) on Oct 18, 2014 and used it to
install cygwin from scratch on an Asus Eee notebook with Atom N455 cpu.  I
tried to install only the default packages but it seems like that took about
8 hours to download overnight.  The install went okay until it came to the
/etc/postinstall/ which seemed to hang for at
least 12 hours.  Thinking it was hung I canceled the install, but then I
found this longish thread going back several years, so I restarted the
install and let it run for at least 24 hours and see no more happening.  It
sits the whole time on this script.  The "Total:" line shows 99% done and
the "Package:" line shows zero progress the whole time.

Is there a way to install Cygwin without installing this package, which
seems to have been included in the default selection?

I don't know what happened, but you must have inadvertently selected some packages to install that you didn't intend to choose. There are no texlive packages in a default installation.


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