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Re: windows clipboard, getclip, putclip, clip, etc

I tested this whole day and couldn't find a solution...

so I wanted to archive same goal as described in this post:

I'm on windows (cygwin) machine A and ssh into linux machine B.
I hope to send some text from B directly to windows clipboard of A,
and so I can paste them into notepad or any other windows APPs,
without bothering a temp file...

what my test shows that what was sent over to /dev/clipboard or clip
via the revert ssh session (from B to A) was just belonging to that
ssh user specifically, meaning my current windows clipboard could not
be changed at is the code to demonstrate the issue:

from cygwin terminal in windows machine A:
ssh to B with user user1;
//and sent some text to A:
ping@ubuntu1404:~/temp-transfer$ cat | ssh ping@machineA
"cat > temp.txt; cat temp.txt >> /dev/clipboard"

now in A I open notepad, press Ctrl-V, I don't see content of, but just see those previous texts I copied manually in A.

now if I ssh into myself from A:
ssh user@
cat /dev/clipboard
then I can see the file content of printed in the terminal.
but still, I can't make them in notepad.

so it looks like, the clipboard is per windows user. but the thing is
I'm currently logging in windows with user1 too.

guess there are something I don't understand here , but how do I
archive what I wanted? I hope to send the text to a clipboard that I
can just put in notepad with a ctrl-v ....

thanks in advance. still researching...


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