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RE: Cygwin clipboard flaky on Windows 7

From: Nellis, Kenneth
> This is interesting because just yesterday I was extensively copying and
> pasting from a pair of Notepad windows into my Mintty/bash session using
> getclip, and occasionally it would just paste in a single garbage
> character. So, this is different from the OP in that X is not involved.
> After seeing this post, I tried for nearly a half hour trying to discern a
> repeatable pattern to exhibit this behavior, but failed.
> Don't want to inject red herrings here, but I've only noticed this with
> two Notepad windows open and copying alternately from either.
> Also, it seems that selecting new notepad text, but neglecting to
> Ctrl+C may be somehow involved. Again, I've tried many combinations of
> this and have not been able to discern any pattern of when failure occurs.
> This one non-repeatable failure may be illustrative. Consider two Notepad
> windows open, A and B, and a mintty/bash shell window open.
> The following steps produced failure:
> Select text from A, Ctrl-C, getclip (worked), select text from B, Ctrl-C,
> getclip (worked), click somewhere in A to deselect text, click somewhere
> in B to deselect text, getclip (failed!).

I have a new theory on this, which may as well apply to the OP as well: PEBCAK.

After selecting text in Notepad and Ctrl-C copying, then clicking in the 
mintty window to refocus the keyboard to run getclip, perhaps slopping clicking 
caused Mintty's auto-copy-on-select feature to maybe capture an accidental
single-character selection, thus wiping out what was copied from Notepad.

I'll be more careful about clicking and post again if I can rule that out.

--Ken Nellis

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