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Re: HEADSUP to Emacs users

On 10/11/2014 1:36 PM, Ken Brown wrote:
In a continuing effort to track down the cause of the mysterious crashes that
some Emacs users have reported, I'm now wondering if these are caused by the
stack being too small.

Apparently this is not the cause (

Since most of the reported problems are with emacs-w32 on 64-bit Cygwin and are reported by very few people, I'd like to try to find out if there are any common patterns among the people getting these crashes.

If you use emacs-w32 on 64-bit Cygwin, I would appreciate it if you would send me the following information, off-list. (I will then summarize the reports back to the list.)

1. How much uptime do you typically have (i.e., how long do you normally keep emacs running without a problem)?

2. Does emacs-w32 ever crash?  If so, how often?

3. Tell me about your system. Attaching the standard cygcheck output is probably the best way to do this.

Please confine this to emacs-w32 on 64-bit Cygwin. If you have problems to report with other emacs builds, make a separate report in the usual way.



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