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lwp-request stopped working with snapshots

I've ran into some strange problem with the snapshots.  This seems to be getting
complicated, so I'm throwing it out here in the hope someone has an
idea.  I've boiled it down to a minimal Cygwin (32bit, but it's
happening in 64bit too) installation, plus perl and perl_vendor.  As

$ lwp-request http://server.local/

spits out the index page as it should.  Installing a snapshot, both the
earliest I still had locally available, which was 2014-08-19 and the
latest from 2014-10-11 produces the error:

"Transport endpoint not connected"

>From the actual application that led me onto this hunt I know that the
request gets sent and the response is at least sometimes partially read
before the connection is destroyed.  The server seems to think the
client has closed the connection and the client thinks the same of the
server apparently.  This only happens when there is data sent from the
server, if I make the client wait for data it will dutifully sit there
until I send some and then things break down.

Now, I've been running exclusively on snapshots for quite some time and
this was working until about two weeks ago.  Looking at the updates
during that time I don't see anything obvious that would interfere with
LWP; I thought coreutils might and will still try to test this.  But I
don't really see how I'd need the combination of the snapshot
installation and one of the recently updated packages to cause this kind
of breakage, so if anyone has any ideas, please tell.

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