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Re: emacs auto-indentation bug

Nellis, Kenneth writes:
> I haven't changed my ~/.emacs file since 2012, but sometime in the
> last several weeks I've noticed changes in emacs behavior.
> 1. I've never turned on automatic indentation--don't actually know
> how--yet if I indent a new line by pressing the tab key, when I hit
> the enter key, the next line has been automatically indented to align
> with the previous one. This happens even if I start emacs with the -q
> option.

Yes electric-indent-mode is now being on by default.  You can switch it
off globally or just for some modes.

> 2. What makes this worse is the fact that it inserts tab characters
> rather than spaces for this automatic indentation. I specifically have
> "(setq-default tab-width 4)" in .emacs, and my manual indentation is
> indeed created with space characters, but subsequent auto-indented
> lines are indented with tab characters.

Make sure indent-tabs-mode is nil (it has been non-nil by default for
quite some time).

> I perused the ChangeLog, but didn't see anything relevant since
> 2012. Curious about this change.

You'd be better off looking in NEWS (type C-h C-n).

> So, that pretty much explains it. Sounds like an upstream bug, but
> affecting this community as well. I was wondering if anyone can offer
> a workaround to restore the previous behavior. Also wondering if
> anyone has insight into this "bug" being possibly fixed upstream.

You can "fix" this "bug" by customizing the two variables I mentioned.
And since these were both deliberate -- if somewhat contentious --
changes, reporting it as a bug upstream isn't going to help, but you can

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