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RE: HEADSUP to Emacs users

> -----Original Message-----
> From: ... On
> Behalf Of Ken Brown
> Sent: Saturday, 2014 October 11 13:37
> To: cygwin
> Subject: HEADSUP to Emacs users
> In a continuing effort to track down the cause of the mysterious
> crashes
> that some Emacs users have reported, I'm now wondering if these are
> caused by the stack being too small.
> If you have been experiencing crashes, please issue the following
> command (as administrator, while emacs is not running):
>    peflags -x0x80000 /usr/bin/emacs-*.exe
> This increases the stack size to 8MB.  And please let me know if you
> see
> any improvement as a result.
> Thanks.
> Ken

Can that command be run harmlessly while emacs happens to be running?
(.bash_profile seems like a natural place to put it,
but that could be run a second time.)
peflags --help looks great but doesn't clearly answer that question.

Thank you, and please forgive my ignorance.

Douglas Lewan
Shubert Ticketing
(201) 489-8600 ext 224 or ext 4335

"This is a slow pup," he said continuing his ascent.

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