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Re: HEADSUP to Emacs users

On 10/11/14 19:36, Ken Brown wrote:
In a continuing effort to track down the cause of the mysterious crashes
that some Emacs users have reported, I'm now wondering if these are
caused by the stack being too small.

If you have been experiencing crashes, please issue the following
command (as administrator, while emacs is not running):

   peflags -x0x80000 /usr/bin/emacs-*.exe

This increases the stack size to 8MB.  And please let me know if you see
any improvement as a result.


I've seen emacs x86 crashing on Vista when X was used (while working fine in text mode); I cannot tell if the above helps in that case, since I don't have that computer anymore.

Now, on Windows 7 with 64b Cygwin, emacs works fine in text mode and X, but will crash when I connect to this box via ssh and try to run it on a remote X terminal (while still working fine in text mode).
The above command did not help.

 bye & Thanks

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