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Re: cygwin bash script suddenly can't find ls, grep

Ken Brown wrote:
> On 10/11/2014 8:04 PM, LMH wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have been working on a bash script and suddenly I started getting an
>> error that ls could not be found,
>> ./ line 27: ls: command not found
>> I can run ls from the command line just fine. There is also an ls
>> command before line 27 that runs fine. This is the part of the script
>> that is causing problems (line numbers are included).
>> 24 PATH=$(ls -d './'$SET'/'$FOLD'/'$FOLD'_anneal/'$PARAM_SET'/'$AN_SET)
>> 25 echo $PATH
>> 26
>> 27 FILE_LIST=($(ls $PATH'/'*'out.txt'))
>> 28 echo ${FILE_LIST[@]}
>> The echo $PATH command gives the correct output, but I get the error on
>> line 27. I have tried without the double parentheses, which wouldn't
>> give the result I want,
>> FILE_LIST=$(ls $PATH'/'*'out.txt')
>> but this gives the same error.
>> After this problem happened, I updated cygwin and restarted, but the
>> issue persists. Is there something wrong with my cygwin install? If
>> there happens to be some problem with my bash, please let me know, but
>> this is pretty simple stuff and I just can't see why ls would be found
>> at line 24 but not line 27.
> You've changed PATH in line 24.  Is 'ls' still in it?
> Ken

Good Lord, I guess I wasn't thinking very clearly trying to use PATH as
a variable for something else. I changed to,

FILE_DIR=$(ls -d './'$SET'/'$FOLD'/'$FOLD'_anneal/'$PARAM_SET'/'$AN_SET)
echo $FILE_DIR

FILE_LIST=($(ls $FILE_DIR'/'*'out.txt' ))
echo ${FILE_LIST[@]}

and everything is fine. I guess it was a bash issue after all. Thanks
for checking that out.


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