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Re: cygwin bash script suddenly can't find ls, grep

On 10/11/2014 8:04 PM, LMH wrote:

I have been working on a bash script and suddenly I started getting an
error that ls could not be found,

./ line 27: ls: command not found

I can run ls from the command line just fine. There is also an ls
command before line 27 that runs fine. This is the part of the script
that is causing problems (line numbers are included).

24 PATH=$(ls -d './'$SET'/'$FOLD'/'$FOLD'_anneal/'$PARAM_SET'/'$AN_SET)
25 echo $PATH
27 FILE_LIST=($(ls $PATH'/'*'out.txt'))
28 echo ${FILE_LIST[@]}

The echo $PATH command gives the correct output, but I get the error on
line 27. I have tried without the double parentheses, which wouldn't
give the result I want,

FILE_LIST=$(ls $PATH'/'*'out.txt')

but this gives the same error.

After this problem happened, I updated cygwin and restarted, but the
issue persists. Is there something wrong with my cygwin install? If
there happens to be some problem with my bash, please let me know, but
this is pretty simple stuff and I just can't see why ls would be found
at line 24 but not line 27.

You've changed PATH in line 24.  Is 'ls' still in it?


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