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Re: Question about programs using paths with wildcards

On Oct 10 15:54, jurgen van lunenburg wrote:
> I have a basic Cygwin installation + rtorrent including dependencies.
> Downloading (manually) with rtorrent works fine but when I set the
> path of the watch folder it does not seem to process it.
> However, it does work when my path does not contain the '*' wildcard.
> E.g. /home/user/watch/*.torrent is not processed i.e. the load command
> in the config file does not load it--with no errors thrown.
> But /home/user/watch/mytorrent.torrent is loaded into rtorrent normally.
> Could not find anything in the FAQ to explain this behavior.
> I installed rtorrent + dependencies from the cygwin installer wizard
> on windows 7.
> The same setup works on an ubuntu system. So I suspect Cygwin is
> missing functionality rtorrent relies on. Any ideas on how to solve?

Dunno how rtorrent is watching file chages, but Cygwin does not(*)
provide a file system events monitoring API like inotify on Linux.


(*) yet.  Patches welcome.

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