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Re: fish PATH problem

> Greetings, Andrew Schulman!
> >> Andrew: appreciated if you can confirm whether simply invoking as a
> >> login shell works for you.
> > It sort of works.  When I change my shell to /usr/bin/fish in /etc/passwd
> > and run 
> > C:\cygwin64\bin\mintty.exe -
> > I don't get any error messages, as I first reported.  But the environment
> > isn't set up correctly.  The main problem seems to be that although I'm
> > running 64-bit cygwin, the directory for 32-bit cygwin is mounted as the
> > root filesystem:
> >  ~> cygpath -w /
> > C:\cygwin
> > By comparison when I start fish from bash, I get:
> > aschulma@LC77E1AASCHULMA ~> cygpath -w /
> > C:\cygwin64
> > This is a pretty serious problem.  Any thoughts on why it happens?
> Initial %PATH% problem?

Andrey, good catch.  My system %PATH% did indeed include C:\cygwin\bin.

So I removed that, and restarted fish.  Good news:  the system mount points
are right again - they point into C:\Cygwin64, not C:\Cygwin.  That's a

Bad news: the PATH problem is back.  When I run 

C:\cygwin64\bin\fish.exe -l 

I get the same error messages as before on startup, and PATH doesn't
include /bin /usr/bin /sbin /usr/sbin.

How are /bin /usr/bin etc. normally added to the PATH?  I don't see any
logic to do it in /usr/share/fish/


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